Berken Energy LLC: Makers of the most efficient and cost effective solar modules in the world
Industry Comparisons Berken Energy's sophisticated solar and heat technologies casts a giant shadow on the competition. By basing our product on a solid-state platform, we're able to provide simple and fast low-cost production.

Other benefits include:

  • More power in less space
  • Multiple patents and trademarks pending
  • Revolutionary performance
  • Rock solid, stable, and available materials
Existing Technology Berken Technologies
  • EPA: No new plant startups (11/08)
  • Plants are closing faster than new construction
  • The last plants that were built in the U.S. took over 30 years to permit and construct
  • Almost no capacity factor
Reclaimed ThermoVoltaic (RTV™)
  • Utilizes otherwise wasted heat
  • Lowers grid-demand power requirements
GeoThermoVoltaic™ (GTV™)
  • 24/7 operation
  • Lower heat demand
Man thinking

Berken Energy also has several consultants in the areas of finance, business development, materials, processes and strategic partnerships.

We are currently looking for investors and/or partners.