Berken Energy LLC: Makers of the most efficient and cost effective solar modules in the world
Berken's Superior Product Lineup

Berken Energy manufactures energy generating solid state products using several patent-pending technologies. These technologies allow us to produce highly reliable and long lasting thermovoltaic (TV) and combination products such as Reclaimed thermovoltaic (RTV™) and geothermovoltaic (GTV™) modules that establish new industry benchmarks for lower cost per watt and higher efficiency. These low cost and simple to manufacture solutions inherently change the way energy is produced from renewable resources or waste heat, thereby lowering energy costs and replacing outmoded electricity technologies.

Reclaimed ThermoVoltaic Film (RTV™)  View detailed page
Our patent-pending technologies will allow you to reduce the cost per watt of your power demand — period.

  • Patented product used to capture heat from existing sources and convert it into electricity
  • Additional on grid production capability
  • Minimal maintenance
  • Cost competitive with fossil fired generators with no emissions

GeoThermoVoltaic (GTV™)  View detailed page
Berken Energy is actively testing applications against heat sources like the earth's own geothermal reserves. Berken uses closed-loop water as one of the methods to access that heat and turn it into electricity. Lower temperature requirements provide more access to geothermal generation.

  • Faster deployment times
  • Far less acreage needed
  • Shallower wells than conventional geothermal
  • No additional fuel or chemicals required
  • Less expensive electricity than any other technology
  • Works in all 50 states — not just western states
Geothermal heat

24/7 Availability: GeoThermoVoltaic energy has truly unlimited potential to power the world by harnessing the earth's natural heat 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Our Scientists R&D

Reclaimed ThermoVoltaic (RTV™): The engineers at Berken Energy are developing more efficient and economical TEG materials. Our current products have already brought TEG materials from aerospace-only applications to commercially available thermal generation. Our goal is to continuously improve the wattage output.