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Reclaimed ThermoVoltaic (RTV™) Device
  • RTV™ Overview
  • Reclaimed Heat Recovery Applications
  • Adoption and Use Cases

RTV™ Is Leading-Edge Technology
It is acknowledged that 85% of the energy used in the United States exits in the form of wasted heat. This is now a viable feedstock for generating electricity for onsite use or to sell back to the grid.

  • Use of waste heat
  • More power in less space
  • Brings solid-state generation capabilities to CHP applications
  • Multiple patents & trademarks
  • Revolutionary performance
  • Low cost, stable materials
  • Additional power from fossil-fuel generators

How Existing Power Producers Can Benefit

  • All thermal power plants use heat to generate electricity
  • RTV™ retrofitting would increase electrical production by capturing existing heat
  • Applications for all types of generating plants: Coal, Gas, Nuclear, Hybrids
  • Allows producers to increase output with minimal investment
  • Increase output and reduce carbon footprint

Reclaimed Heat Recovery Applications:

  • Chemical Plants
  • Power Plants
  • Oil Refineries
  • Any industrial process requiring heat
  • Petrochemical Plants
  • Building Integration
  • Existing Concentrated Solar Installations

Adoption and Use Cases:

  • Major Applications: Chemical, Power & Petrochemical (oil) plants
  • Building Integration: Every production process produces heat
  • Concentrated Solar Heat



Industrial Thermal Generator (RTV™)
Our RTV™ is roughly the size of a minivan, and can generate 300 kW of power.