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Third-Party Validation and What's In the Pipeline Now

  • Third-Party Validation from SAIC
  • What's In the Pipeline Now
SAICFnday, February 19, 2010

Mr. Kenneth Newman, President
Berken Energy, LLP
1 East Earl Cummings Loop
Roswell, NM 88203
cc: Mr Samuel Townsend

Dear Ken,

The purpose of this letter is to provide a statement of assessment related to Berken Energy's technology and its potential. First of all, allow me to mention that your team has been very helpful in providing the required data as well as giving serious consideration to my advice in several areas. I can also say without reservation that the company has taken the necessary steps to perform an incisive review of its prospects and has structured its strategy accordingly. That bodes very well for what can be a successful future. Allow me to point out some of the highlights:

In my opinion Berken Energy has an innovative technology with a highly disruptive potential, especially in the area of geothermal and water-based heat reclamation power generation. I have performed the necessary due diligence related to the current state of the technology based on laboratory and empirical test results, and I'm favorably impressed with the power generation capacity that your technology can deliver per square foot of energy conversion area. It is refreshing to see that at this early stage, the company with its breakthrough technology has advanced to a level at which more mature and capital rich companies would only hope to be.

This is not the norm, but the exception, and it explains the genuine interest that high technology entities like SAIC and Lockheed-Martin have in seeing your company reach its full potential. Critical in my assessment is the fact that Berken Energy’ s proprietary PN junction-based technology has been able to successfully scale up from the single PN junction to a fully operational small-scale technology demonstration model in a direct and highly predictable manner. This means that moving forward Berken Energy power generation capacity has evolved to a point that it is now reliant primarily on higher PN junction densities deposition, a factor that is easily achievable with today’s existing deposition technology and with the appropriate funding. In other words, I view Berken Energy’s current focus as one of raising the necessary funds to make its business plan a reality, not one of a core technology development or maturation challenge as is the case with the large majority of the new technology companies.

In closing. I would also like to say that our company is very excited with the potential that a modification of Berken Energy’s technology can achieve in providing substantial Green power generation to the world's data centers. This is based on a confidential process that we are currently developing and that we would like to move forward to fruition swiftly once the company has the required funding to provide us with a working prototype. Following the successful proof of concept of our process, we are excited with the opportunIty of providing it to our existing as well as new Federal and commercial clients. I would also like to point out that we will continue to provide the advisory support required to help Berken Energy move forward successfully into the future.


[Signature on File]

Joseph L. Vilella
Director of Engineering and Operations
Advanced Data Center and Infrastructure Solutions
Science Applications International Corporation

Current Pipeline:

  • Florida Canyon Mine (large gold mine)
  • Hawaii Electric Utility (HECO)
  • Sea-Bird Project (ship installation)
  • Leprino Foods (largest Mozzarella cheese maker)
  • Homestretch Geothermal
  • Depart of Energy has awarded multiple project contracts
  • Major project with Department of Defense




Berken Technology Proof Points:

  • Science Well Understood
  • Currently Being Manufactured
  • Demonstrates Long-Term Reliability
  • Scalable to Large-Area Production